November 21, 2014 | Publications

Adaptive Reuse Properties: Overcoming the Conversion Challenge

Adaptive reuse is a deep-rooted practice in the hospitality industry. Today, we are seeing the number of these complex projects increase, especially in former industrial areas with neighborhoods looking to reinvent themselves and in high barrier metro markets like New York, Boston, and San Francisco among others.

What is driving the trend to convert existing buildings into hotels? Given the many choices at the disposal of modern-day travelers, does the transformation of vintage properties give the hotel a competitive advantage? How can hotel owners and designers determine if the benefits of adaptive reuse outweigh the challenges? And, how can modern design be incorporated into an existing building while overcoming the common obstacles along the way?

  • May allow for entry to enter competitive, high barrier market
  • Sustainable approach to customized property design
  • Provides a unique experience for guests
  • Clearly define client expectations is critical to success
  • Understand local codes, zoning requirements, and historic preservation obligations
  • Draw design inspiration from the building’s story

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