December 6, 2017 | News

Creating Connections

Harry Wheeler never turns down ice cream. It’s a small fact, but one that is shared on Group One Partners’ website to gives visitors a glimpse into the personality of Wheeler, one of the principals behind the hospitality-focused architecture, design and procurement firm.

When the company redesigned its website in 2015 it wanted to help clients get to know its people better. The new website’s team page includes small tidbits on nearly every employee at the Boston-based firm: Some share their talent for playing the alto saxophone, others their love of cheese or ability to deliver a wicked volleyball serve. The purpose of those factoids is to help clients get a better sense of the people who represent Group One Partners and encourage them to build relationships that stretch outside of work.

“You can learn about the people here and not just what we’re going to do as a company,” Wheeler says. “People, especially the new demographic of people in the industry, want to know the people they are working with and they want to have a connection.”

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