September 14, 2015 | News

Group One Partners Celebrates 45th Anniversary

We’ve come a long way since 1970.

As we wrap up our 45th year, we find ourselves taking a step back and looking with pride at what we’ve accomplished. Our growth is visible in the new look and feel of the website, and in our investment in our employees. 45 years of improving, innovating, and doing what we love is quite a benchmark, and we’ve only grown better as we’ve grown older.

We got our start with the Holiday Inn Falmouth, and we tackled that first big project with precise, creative design and functional techniques. These core elements have remained mainstays of our approach, but our reality is vastly different today than it was 45 years ago. Today our design and strategic excellence are on display in landmark locations like the brilliantly innovative Envoy Hotel, Hilton Daytona, Residence Inn Downtown/Seaport Boston, and Westin Las Vegas. We’ve come a long way, and we’re excited to have plans for further growth.

Mary, Harry, and Kevin have a renewed sense for Group One’s mission, vision, and values, and all three are manifest in substantial ways throughout the company. You may have noticed that our website has received a significant facelift. If you’re an employee, you’ve experienced some of our renewed vigor firsthand: we’ve invested deeply in training and team building to make our office culture even more energizing and further establish our relationships with our clients. Perhaps most significantly, our work has been on display throughout the nation with the development and design of many remarkable projects and our leadership team has been involved in several significant industry publications and conferences.

Outside the office, we’ve taken philanthropy to the next level through involvement with several special organizations that are close to our collective hearts.  Whether we’re hopping on a bike to raise money for the Wildflower Camp Foundation or getting dirty on the Mudder Muckers team to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Group One has shown time and again that we believe in our community and want to help it grow.

Our contribution to the community doesn’t stop with philanthropic service. We’ve also seen the fruits of our labor in several significant buildings in and around Boston. Boston is booming – we’ve seen the city grow, change, and develop at an unbelievably impressive pace in our 45 years here.

We’re happy to see our own impact on the city through the design, development, and construction of several standout hotels, and through widespread recognition by the architecture and design industry.

A walk through the hopping metropolis that is the Seaport district is made more picturesque and aesthetically interesting with the addition of the Envoy Hotel, which highlights the limitlessness of Group One’s design abilities. The Residence Inn Downtown/Seaport is a shining example of adaptive reuse, as evidenced by its claim to multiple industry awards.

Ours is a long story with a long history, but to put it in brief: we’ve grown tremendously, and we’ve never lost the high quality and standards with which we started. We are endlessly proud of our work and the team that has made it all possible. Our plan for the future? Keep evolving, continue working tirelessly and collaboratively, and always think creatively.