August 15, 2014 | Publications

Lobby and Public Areas Emerge as Focal Points of Hotel Design

How has hotel design evolved in the past few years?

As trends, technology, and the growing needs and expectations of guests change, we as an industry must adapt with them.

One of the main things we are seeing in the evolution of hospitality design is the elevated importance of the lobby and public spaces as focal points of hotel architecture and design. These areas are especially important to the newest and youngest group of travelers – Generation Y.

As the fastest growing segment of today’s workforce and business travelers, this social, highly focused, and ambitious group is challenging our standard way of thinking about hospitality design.

For this “instant gratification” generation who wants to be wired in 24/7, we have adapted our lobby designs – which used to be stopping points on the way to guestrooms – as a highly interactive and social area for the complete eat/work/play experience. This is now the space for collaboration, social networking, and the work area away from the office.

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