February 4, 2016 | Publications

Modular Construction and Hotel Design

Ever evolving, the hospitality industry continues to adapt to changing conditions and the adoption of new design and construction trends. Today, hotel developers are experiencing escalating construction and land costs, lengthening construction timelines, and the diminishing quality of construction. As such, modular construction has been gaining a solid reputation as an innovative building approach for the hospitality design community due to its many benefits including speed, quality, practicality, and cost – and coupled with its success in other market areas including commercial and multifamily housing, education, healthcare, office and administrative, retail, and institutional.

What is modular construction?

Modular construction is an efficient building process that assembles materials or components of a building in an off-site location. Commercial modular buildings are non-residential structures built in a controlled manufacturing environment, which are then transported and assembled at the final building site. This can include the entire building or components of a larger structure. Modular contractors typically work hand-in-hand with traditional general contractors to leverage resources and take advantage of each type of construction approach.

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