November 10, 2015 | Publications

Social Media and Reputation Management

Managing a property’s reputation is increasingly important with the tremendous popularity of social media. With average monthly users of 250 million (Trip Advisor), 316 million (Twitter), and 1.49 billion (Facebook), social media is a powerful force in driving hotel bookings, improving property reviews, generating guest referrals, and increasing brand awareness.

As more and more guests turn online to book properties, seek out information and deals, share their travel experiences (good and bad), and write reviews, social media has evolved into a incredible reputation management and marketing opportunity for today’s hotel brands.

The world’s largest travel site with more than hundreds of millions reviews and opinions from travelers around the world, more than 38 million candid traveler photos, and 215 million mobile app downloads, Trip Advisor continues to dominate in the hotel industry. Twitter is a fantastic tool for hotel customer service because of its fast paced nature. And Facebook certainly cannot be ignored with its billion users. Those are just the big three. There are others like Expedia, Orbitz, Yelp, and many more that have a huge impact on a hotel’s reputation.

So, how can today’s global hotel brands be heard in such a crowded and chaotic space?  Read more