April 22, 2014 | Publications

Sustainable Hotel Design Gaining Momentum

he hotels of the world are going green. Often criticized for itswastefulness, the hospitality industry is making great strides inenvironmental consciousness. With monumental programs like theLeadership in Energy & Environmental Design certification in play,many green initiatives are becoming standards rather than suggested practices.

Hotel owners, developers and designers must work together to provide creative solutions to embrace the environmental movement. As hotel architects and designers, it is our job to educate clients on the benefits and profitability of investing in these enhancements while keeping developers’ concerns about cost and execution in check.

And it’s never been more important. Guest expectations of social responsibility and demands for eco-friendly products/services are steadily climbing. Travelers want to know that their travel choices support brands that operate in an environmentally responsible way.

  • Finding eco-friendly products is our job
  • Locally sourcing is good practice
  • Sustainable hotel design is here to stay

Let’s take a look at some of the ways hotels are transitioning green properties from an idealistic goal to the industry expectation.

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