May 15, 2015 | Publications

Technology Puts a Twist on Traditional Design

For today’s hotel guests, travel and technology go hand-in-hand. Free Wi-Fi tops the list of travelers’ most sought after hotel amenity, and, among almost every traveler age bracket. Virtual self check-in, keyless entry, and paperless billing are becoming the new normal.

With guests demanding 24/7 accessibility and technological comforts, the global hotel landscape must adapt their properties to accommodate these needs.

As hotel designers, it is essential to understand how guests want to interact with other people – and with the hotels they choose. This means we must reinterpret the way we view conventional design to improve the guest experience.

  • Transform lobbies into connectivity hubs for guests
  • Built-in power and USB ports in furniture
  • Multi-media technology in conference spaces & ballrooms

Which traditional design elements are getting the technology twist?

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