February 18, 2016 | News

Why Now is the Time to Build in Boston

As a diehard traveler and conference road warrior I get to see a lot of great cities, but I never seem to get to Boston. Which is a shame because the few times I’ve been there I have wanted to experience it more and more, and not just so I can get some cocktails at that Cheers bar or hang out with that Ben Franklin impersonator.

It’s walkable, approachable and has a really good vibe. But it’d be great if more hospitality industry event planners would do something there! Not that they need my business. That market seems to be bursting at the seams with development opportunity as sky high fundamentals, the introduction of new demand generators and a deficit of hotel rooms is creating market opportunity.

The market is on fire and its propelling the new construction pipeline. But the real solid news is the Boston boost should last for a while as new demand generators, such as a proposed massive downtown convention center expansion and impending casino construction including the Wynn in Everett, will prompt more people to head to Beantown.

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